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Thanks for visiting my portfolio! :) 

My name is Emilie! I’m a (more-or-less) Seattle-native designer with a passion for building clear experiences that empower people to be more human. I apply my background in psychology, front-end web development, and user-centered design to tackle projects from a holistic perspective and love to collaborate to bridge the gap between development and user-centered design with clarity, energy, and enthusiasm.

Human behaviors are the real drivers of the science of design. 

Our world is inundated with technology and my core driver in design is creating thoughtful experiences that bring clarity, focus, and concrete value to users’ lives. Great design isn’t just instilling delight in otherwise common interactions, its leveraging user behavior to help them accomplish their goals. Whether they’re trying to tell a story or buy a cup of coffee, I want users to feel empowered on the task at hand.

Happy cows make better cheese.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, I also believe in a wholistic product design and development approach, and strive to bring transparency and inclusion to the design process. 

In my experience the best products are built by folks who have a vested interest in both the process and the outcome, so it's essential to bring stakeholders along with design as we move from research, to concepting and prototyping, through user testing, and final implementation. Visibility and open communication is essential to trust as we work together to build a positive experience for our users!

For an overview of my specific work history and skills, please download my resume!


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I’m currently available for hire and would love to chat with you about design opportunities in Seattle, WA...

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