Hiya! I’m Emilie, a product and experience designer from Seattle, WA. 👋

Microsoft 3D Effects

Open new doors to storytelling possibilities with easy-to-use, high quality models and effects that add magic to your school and personal video projects.

Onboarding Tracker

New Starbucks mobile app users aren’t discovering all the features. How can we re-factor the dashboard UI to educate users on all the functionality within the app to promote mobile ordering?

Microsoft Background Replacement

Students need a quick and easy way to replace backgrounds in their school video projects. A simple single-view green screen video editor with instant adjustment feedback enables just that.


A B2B Startup Weekend project that aims to encourage millennials to invest via both an online educational tool as well as a value-based investing portfolio management tool.


My process

I aim to find the key problems and opportunities facing users and businesses alike.

I apply my background in psychology, front-end web development, and user-centered design to tackle projects from a holistic perspective and to drive the science of design. I love to collaborate to bridge the gap between development and user-centered design with clarity, energy, and enthusiasm.



I start by getting a rich understanding of the problem space via hands-on research: contextual inquiries, interviews and surveys, and conducting a review of existing domains and systems.


Define & share

From the research I generate areas of opportunity. These get shared out to the broader team so everyone's on the same page: who is our audience, what are their needs, and what are our opportunities.


Scope the project

With a problem clearly defined and a base of background knowledge to draw from, I work alongside product and engineering stakeholders to articulate a concise roadmap of features and goals at each stage.



I explore potential design solutions and develop multiple prototypes from the viable concepts: wireframes, coded websites, anything interactive to get in front of people for immediate feedback!


Test & iterate

I take my preliminary prototypes and vigorously test them with users in-context to validate the concepts and functionality, incorporating feedback and refining along the way.


Design & develop

Once the proof-of-concepts are fleshed out and validated, visual polish is tuned and integrated into the shippable feature. Data and telemetry are monitored to identify future improvements.


Working with me

I’ve had the tremendous privilege of working at some amazing companies from Fortune 500s to local small businesses and agencies. I take pride in evangelizing user-centered design thinking and facilitating the collaborate process at every step of the way. Here are a few snippets from the lovely folks I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

Emilie can do it all. I truly believe that. Once she sets her mind to something, it will get done, and it will be better than you expected. Emilie is quick to adopt new technology, an incrediblytalented designer / front-end developer. She is a huge asset to any team.

Andrew Nedimeyer, Manager at Starbucks

Emilie's sense of empathy, curious nature, and desire to push her boundaries resulted in her consistently exceeding my expectations... I would hire Emilie again in an instant.

David Brunelle, Manager at Capitol Media

Emilie has a rare combination of design, development, and UX skills that make her an asset on any team. She is focused, detail oriented, and passionate about her work.

Erik Fadiman, SCCA instructor

Emilie has the energy and joie de vivre of 10,000 ponies and is one of the most caring individuals I've ever met. Her hardworking, loyal nature makes her an amazing friend and amazing employee. I trust Emilie with my life!

Eliza Young, Best friend